Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WIP Wednesday #2 - two shawl wips

My Afloat shawl from Wild Prairie Knits is progressing nicely and I'm starting to really get the hang of the lace pattern.

I worked the first repeat from the written instructions and then started following the chart, its a really nice clear large chart that looks great in Goodreader on my ipad mini. I have my usual issue in that my left-handed mirror knitting style means I'm knitting from left to right and reading the chart from right to left but that's OK, I'm used to it.

After a few repeats I have managed to keep knitting by following the lace itself as family members keep monopolising the ipad. I've not done a great amount of lace for a while, mostly yokes or panels on garment and never an edging like this but this one is quite geometric and easy to follow.

Here's a close-up of my lace edge so far:

Unfortunately the other evening I was having a few issues with painful finger and thumb joints, so I decided to give the lace a rest for a day or two and cast on something simpler. (Not knitting for while was considered and quickly discarded as an unacceptable option :0 )

I've been wanting to make Alex Tinsley's Bermondsey Shawlette for quite a while and had snapped the pattern up in the GAL sale, so decided to cast on with two shades of grey in Shibui Sock.

Its a great pattern, very nice little slipped stitch details along the centre line and edges. The colours are Graphite (darker) and Ash (lighter). There's just one problem, I have no idea what to use for the edging!

What colour/yarn would you suggest I use for the edge scallops?

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