Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Suzy KAL linen scarf - Part 1

In the last year or so I've started participating in knit-a-long's (KALs) on ravelry. One of them has me trying out, and enjoying, a new yarn with a fibre that I normally avoid.

I've always found that linen dresses and shirts have to be VERY carefully selected or they irritate my skin. But I really like chainette construction yarns, which are like little french knitted tubes, so when I saw the close-up of the Shibui Linen I decided to put aside my fibre prejudice and join in.

This KAL is being hosted by Canberra-based mostly online yarn shop Suzy Hausfrau, who have just started stocking the Shibiu yarns. The pattern is a free one, a large scarf with an unusual stripe pattern by Antonia Shankland, called simply L.1. I'm using navy, ivory and apple colours, the apple is a lovely acid green, not too strong or too yellow.

Here's what I've achieved so far

Have you put aside your fibre prejudices and ended up with a success?


  1. I avoid acrylic and I doubt I'll change my mind on that. But, I haven't knit with linen yet and I'm dying to do that soon! Quince and co have a very lovely looking range...

  2. Yeah, acrylic is still a bad memory from childhood, although I did have lots of fun with my box of bright coloured Villawool 5 ply.

    I have looked at the Quince site and recently picked up a couple skeins of one of the wools on ebay to try out, but I hadn't realisd they even had a linen. The Sparrow looks very nice, lovely subdued colours.