Saturday, 2 February 2013

Swans and Cygnets

Behold, a banner!

Late last year were very fortunate to be able to watch the growth of a beautiful family of swans on our local pond network, with four beautiful cygnets.

Swans are very attentive parents and they reminded me of my own family, hubby and me always shepherding our four boys around. Now that they are getting older (eldest is 17 and the youngest 8) I also think its time that I have something for me, a larger slice of my life to be quintessentially Sharon. So this is where the name "Sygneture Designs" was born, from a combination of cygnets and signature.

I really must get a logo made, not sure that I have the skills to do that myself at this point.


  1. I heard that PowerPoint was a good tool for making logos. I'm hanging out for my brother to create something for me, but if not I'll have a go myself. Mine is currently a photo of some fabric with my blog name in fancy script on the top. But, I'm itching for a change :)

  2. Thanks this is a great idea! I use powerpoint a lot at work and have used it for schematics and diagrams in my patterns but I really hadn't thought about trying to use it to make a logo, I was thinking more of the painting and photo type software packages but I'm not as good at using them.